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VirtuaLock has been discontinued

The development and support of the software product VirtuaLock has been brought to an end. We’ve protected lots of laptops in universities, libraries and public spaces, and we are proud of the solution VirtuaLock offered. However, we are unable to offer the continuous effort needed to keep your laptop safe from thieves, which is why we are shutting the product down. We thank you for your support!


Do I get a refund?

If you bought a license in 2016 you are eligible for a refund. To somewhat compensate for the inconvenience we have decided to refund the entire yearly subscription amount. All users eligible for the refund will receive an email by the end of the year. Did not receive our email by the end of 2016? Please get in touch and we’ll sort out the details:

Will VirtuaLock continue to work?

The short answer is no. New operating systems are not supported and services such as text messaging are shut down. The product has a lot of back-end dependencies, which will be discontinued. VirtuaLock might continue to start on your computer, but there’s no guarantee for an alarm on theft attempt.

How can I protect my laptop now?

If you Google around you can find some alternatives like Prey, Lojack absolute or the free LAlarm for Windows. You can also go through the hassle of a cable lock of course.

Why has VirtuaLock been discontinued?

VirtuaLock is a software product developed by Blinq Systems. Altough we love VirtuaLock and it has brought us a long way, we can no longer support the product in a profitable manner. Since two years, Blinq Systems is focussing on a new great product. Check out Mapiq to see what we’re up to!

What was this VirtuaLock thing anyway?

VirtuaLock was a software product that allowed you to keep your Windows and Mac laptop safe from thieves. If somebody tried to steal your laptop by unplugging the adapter or closing the lid, VirtuaLock set off the alarm. A loud alarm goes off, all nearby VirtuaLock users receive an on-screen alert and you are notified immediately with an SMS message.

What about any pesonal data you might still have of your users?

Your personal data (email address, name, SMS phone number) will be securely deleted. For administrative purposes we will have to keep records of online payments, as required by the Dutch tax agency. We will not keep more data than strictly necessary.


If you have any questions left unanswered, please get in contact with us through

VirtuaLock hero image